AboutScandic Study Center

Scandic Study Center is a reputable Overseas Education Consultancy and is an AIRC Certified and ICEF Trained Agent. Our group of young professionals is led by experts and receives advice from a number of world renowned legal advisers and experienced professionals.

With over 10 years of experience in higher education, Scandic empowers schools by offering a variety of cross-media solutions and excellent customer service, demonstrating to our clients how to engage with the appropriate student at the right time. Our experience ranges from strategy and policy to customer relationship management, marketing, branding, recruitment solutions, and project management, and we are based in India but operate globally.

Scandic is a  leading ISO-accredited education consultancy firm that specialises in student recruitment and actively promotes immigration to other countries. Our focus on quality and comprehensive facilities, together with our in-depth knowledge of foreign universities and institutions, offers us a competitive advantage in providing you with custom-tailored educational options for achieving your ultimate higher educational goals overseas.

The dynamic Scandic bring in a collective experience of over a decade in education consulting across different counties, verticals, niche skills and immigration. The team understands and values insights required to comprehend international education sector and keeps abreast on latest regulations/rules in the foreign educational sector. This ensures an applicant is accurately recommended on current insights in the foreign educational sector helping them make informed educational choices.

We will help you to achieve your goals